Holidays. The beach, the sun, the sea. This the real stress reliever. But today is not holiday. So what about the next best thing? What about going to the waterpark? Wave pool, beach pool, lazy rivers, fast waterslides and more … That is what is waiting for you at the waterpark.

One day holiday with co-workers? Weird concept I know, but worthwhile. This time, no organisation, no planning, no goals, no games, no pressure. Just pleasure and relaxation. In the water, on the sand. Just like holidays. But during work, with co-workers. Why not?

Perfect stress reliever, this day will also create bonds between colleagues, but also reinforce those existing. Communication within the team will improve as well.

But you might ask me why, as a company, I should do this activity instead of something more focused on work. With objectives, goals, and maybe with more quantifiable results. Because, the waterpark will develop natural relationships, and those are the best kind. Those natural relationships will be develop through laughter and fun. Two people on a two-persons-buoy riding a fast waterslide is among the funniest activities to do.

Waterparks are fun, in a way only water can provide. And your team will be able to have fun in the way the desire: spend their time doing all the fast waterslides, or just chill at the beach pool. But no matter what they prefer, their security and comfort will be assured, with up-to-date equipment and fully trained lifeguards.

So get your swimsuit and get in the water for one awesome day!