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March 10, 2020
March 10, 2020
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Seminars, private parties, company birthdays… An event for every occasion?

The corporate events market is growing year after year: events are becoming an essential internal and external communication lever for most companies!

– There are many examples of events management in Thailand, from the most classic to the most original:

– The team building seminar organised to federate teams

– The congress organized to build partner loyalty

– The private party to mark the spirits of the customers

– The meeting in a “non-office” setting to renew the interest of employees

But are all reasons to party?

Before you start: it’s essential to know why you’re organizing an event

Organizing an event management in Thailand should not be taken lightly. Before committing time and money to an event, you need to know why it deserves to take place.

Knowing the reason for an event will allow you to:

  1. Define specific objectives
  2. Define your budget
  3. Integrate event communication into your global strategy

Creating value: the common goal of all successful corporate events

There are certainly many reasons to organize an event…

… but successful corporate events all have the same thing in common!

Additionally ,they all aim to create value.

Here are the three main categories in which all the benefits of corporate events fall:

– Human value creation: the event develops human capital, both at the team and individual level.

– Corporate value creation: the event develops corporate culture, corporate spirit and internal communication.

– Creation of commercial value: the event develops external communication and business opportunities.

These are certainly the three best reasons to organize a corporate event. Create a link between your employees and strengthen team spirit. We won’t teach you anything new by telling you that your company’s performance depends greatly on the efficiency of your teams, but working well together is something you can learn. Bringing your employees together in a team building event, such as a company seminar for example, is the ideal opportunity to unite your teams.


Celebrating success

Celebrations have many advantages.

And of course, the organization of an event is necessary for any celebration.

Here’s why you should celebrate successes, whether they are corporate, team or individual:

– To unite employees, to unite and re-motivate them

– To develop a common vision, share the company’s ambitions

– To offer recognition to employees, reward their efforts and build employee loyalty

Examples of events: the organization of private parties, on or off the premises, lends itself to this type of celebration. To make a bigger impression, don’t hesitate to be more original: why not organise a reward trip? You wish to organize an event management in Thailand, take a look at our activities!


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