March 10, 2020
March 10, 2020
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Planning as a crucial and perpetual lever to organize a Thailand corporate event. Before taking the first steps to organize a corporate event, it is essential to discuss the advantages of a professional meeting, knowing that there are several types of professional meetings (conferences, seminars, team building, workshops).


  1. First step: 5-6 months before the event – specifications – Organisation -Drawing up its specifications

-When planning the schedule, you should consider that you should have at least 5 to 6 months for preparation. This is as important for you as it is for the organizers and presenters.

  1. Putting the event in context

– What is the objective of the event: to train, inform, stimulate, enhance…

– What is the public concerned in terms of target and age?

  1. Set a date for the event to take place

Make sure that you choose a day that is at least 5 months before you start your preparation and that there are no other seminars on that day on the same theme and in the same area where you plan to hold your event.

  1. Reservation of a suitable venue for the event

The choice of location is one of the most important steps for the success of the event, which depends on several factors. To decide which venue will host your seminar, the following should be considered:

Reservation of hotel rooms

– Geolocalization (national or international)

– Desired country/region/city

– Desired theme (green, sea, companion, luxury…)

– Number of participants

– Number of days

– Required material

Therefore,for multi-day events, don’t forget to prepare the accommodation; if the event will take place in a seminar hotel, it is preferable to stay on site and reserve rooms in the same establishment. For events in atypical places (castles, estates, barges…), it is recommended to choose addresses close to the venue of the professional meeting.


Buffet, lunch break, lunch, dinner… If you have decided to entrust the catering to the welcoming place, don’t forget to ask the chosen place about its catering and to favor an offer appropriate to the tastes of your participants. Otherwise, you can hire a caterer.

Event service providers

A little entertainment, a big party at the end? Need to liven up your event? Photographer, entertainer, caterers? It is important to answer these questions to find out if you need to use an event provider.

Proceed with the organisation

Lastly , once your specifications are ready, you can proceed with the organization of your event. However the Bedouk guide provides you with answers! It is your ideal partner!

The Bedouk guide is a platform for bringing together professionals in the field of Thailand corporate event. You can make your search according to your preferences; places by theme, places by country/region/city, places by category ranging from a simple room to atypical places, event providers by activity, places in promotion…

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