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March 10, 2020
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March 10, 2020
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A growing number of companies and organizations in Bangkok are realizing the importance and usefulness of organizing a corporate event. In its various forms (conference, convention, seminar, day, private show, etc.) the corporate event is an indispensable resource for an organization’s communication strategy or human resources policy.

Why integrate the organization of a corporate event into its communication strategy? What are the advantages?

1)            Different communication objectives

The corporate event is an expression that encompasses a multitude of events with didactic or playful purposes, for part of the organization’s employees or external actors. These different types of corporate events make it possible to respond to a variety of issues. Therefore, the question of the objective of the event is of prime importance even before embarking on its organization. Depending on the objective and the target audience, an event can be used to convey a message, make an impression, exchange on a perspective of change, reinforce team cohesion, or even more simply to share a pleasant moment. We can distinguish two types of communication objectives: internal and external.

2)            Communicating internally

Organizing a corporate event for your company in Bangkok is a strong internal means of communication. Indeed, involving the different actors in the life of the company around a conference, a workshop or other type of event, helps to improve the professional environment.

These events can also be an opportunity for a management team to convey a message to all employees, in particular by inviting a well-known speaker to speak on topics in line with the company’s activity and according to specific needs: change management, resilience, surpassing oneself, teamwork, etc.

Finally, a corporate event in Bangkok can simply serve as a lever for motivation and federation. A company or an organization can organize a conference simply to enjoy a refreshing time of sharing, between collaborators: to please in short! It’s also an opportunity to mobilize teams and even reward them after a difficult period. A less business-oriented conference often allows participants to speak more freely. Management then discovers certain issues that it may have underestimated.

3)            Networker

One of the most important functions of corporate events in Bangkok is the establishment of personal contacts with external actors, which helps to nourish one’s network. Networking is fundamental for an organization that aspires to make itself known to the right partners, to foster its development and growth.

It is also an excellent way to promote one’s company and gain importance in one’s sector. Indeed, organizing a corporate event allows to boost the company’s notoriety with the chosen target, and to gain credibility by offering a positive image. In this perspective, calling on a well-known speaker is an excellent idea. Indeed, In Bangkok and even everywhere, the notoriety of a personality creates an emotion that provokes a more intense memorization of the message heard.

Finally, choosing a famous speaker sends a strong message when the target audience needs to be impressed. Indeed, a famous speaker attracts the participants, inspires them and makes them have a memorable time.

4)            A speaker for every audience

The question of the audience is closely related to that of the objectives, as it guides the message of the event organizer, and therefore that of the speaker. The age, gender, function and hierarchical relationship between participants and organizers are therefore essential elements.

Thus, the definition of the conference objectives is very much linked to the constitution of the audience. A clear idea of the objective of the event will allow the Bangkok’s organizer to choose the most suitable type of speaker. The same speaker is not selected for an audience composed of prospects, new collaborators, partners, or top management.



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