photographer canon lens orange

The digital era has brought on the new culture of photo taking. We are all guilty of wanting to capture almost everything we do through photos in order to show our friends, family and close ones, to share on social media, or simply to be able to look back. But the point of the corporate team building events we offer is to bond with your colleagues over fun, atypical activities in Bangkok, and we do not want you to miss any second of it. Especially here in Bangkok, or more generally Thailand, where there is such a variety of things to do, so many things to see and to enjoy. For you to get the most out of this experience and to fully live the team building, we want you to forget about your phone for just a moment. Don’t worry, we have everything under control. A photographer will follow your group all throughout the day, all throughout the corporate team building event, all around Bangkok, and take the best possible photos.
Group photos, individual photos, photos of the beautiful landscape of Thailand, photos of the environment, action photos of the team members performing the various challenges… This may even allow you to win the fun photo challenge from one of our team building trails around Bangkok! Customizable to fit your needs, just ask us and we shoot. We guarantee to have the photos fit a format so that you can receive and share them on your phone.
We will not miss any of your team building in Bangkok, and neither will you! Trust us with taking photos, with capturing each moment of your corporate team building event. This way you can be 100% present and active for the team building activities and not have to worry about the memories. Create the memories, make them come to life and we will capture all of your corporate event in Thailand.