Want to enjoy a great Team-Building day in Bangkok or Pattaya without the pressure of doing sport or answer enigmas together? We have the solution for your perfect corporate event in Bangkok or Pattaya

. You can spend your day with us in a luxury Yatch, drinking cocktails and enjoy the sun of Bangkok or Pattaya.

Regarding a team-building in Pattaya, we can give you the opportunity to do an amazing trip with your colleagues. Our yatch can bring you to see the best landscapes of the sea of Pattaya. This day is designed to be chill and beautiful for your entire team.
You can create the corporate event as you want it exactly. If you want some sport and some activities, we can bring your team to some snorkeling or diving points, in order to discover the beauties of the see of Pattaya, and there is a lot. Between amazing landscape and the privacy of the yatch, we will make your team-building unforgettable for you and your colleagues.

You will forget all of the tensions of your office by taking your time to do fishing and visit some of the islands. Our yatchs in Pattaya are modern and designed to fit your demand, depending on the size of your group during the team-building, but also the activities that you want to do. Our yatch the sea’s wonder has a lot of facilities such as a barbecue, a dancefloor, a bar and a sunroof. This one is our biggest Yatch and will allow you to spend the team-building day of your dream. You can also have some other services, such as waiters, professionals of snorkeling in the region of Pattaya, and many others.

Everything is made to realize a perfect chill and sunny team-building with your colleagues in our beautiful yatchs. We hope to see you soon in Pattaya or Bangkok and to board in the boat with us. Welcome on board!