tuk tuk line bangkok

Is there a most traditional way of going around in Bangkok or in Thailand than a Tuk-Tuk? We believe that you will love to experiment a tuk-tuk ride during your team-building in Bangkok with us. The drivers of Tuk-Tuk are always super nice and friendly, sometimes they speak English as well. If this is not the case, we will help you to give the instructions and make the things easier with the Thai speakers that are present in our Team-Building team.

In order to get around Bangkok during your corporate event, you have to know that Tuk-Tuk means unexpansive in Thai. This is not only a way to get around for tourists, but also a used vehicle for Thai people. As the translation is saying, the Tuk-Tuk is unexpansive and will allow you to get around during your Team-building with a small amount of money. There is some everywhere in Bangkok and in Thailand more generally. This is really easy to catch a lot of them at the same place. Indeed, if you are a big group for your Team-Building, we will be able to give a ride of tuk-tuk for everybody.

If you need to change fast from one place to another to realize our team-building activities, for example from outdoor games to indoor games, we strongly recommend you to use this way of transportation because it’s faster than the Taxi. The Taxi will always stay stuck in the traffic jam, unlike the tuk-tuk, and our team-building activities are requiring sometimes to be fast because of a race or anything.

During your corporate event in Thailand, we will be able to help you in any case. For example, if you need to ride from one side to another of Bangkok, we will always help you to find the appropriate number of tuk-tuk for the ride. You will always have a Thai speaker with you.

If you are doing a one-day Team-Building in Thailand, we recommend you to not only use tuk-tuk, to get around Bangkok, because you will maybe need something more comfortable for the different rides. You can take a look at every other transportation method that we are proposing.