Why try blind test ?

Have you ever been in a shop or in a restaurant and you hear that song you know but you cannot remember its title? It is so frustrating, and if you hate this feeling, this feeling of knowing a lot of songs. But never manage to remember their title, this activity can help you – BLIND TEST.

All you need to do is lose your eyes and open your ears. Listen and feel the music. Nod your head at the rhythm. And try to recognize the song. It’s blind test ! The first few notes are the most important. Be fast, be precise, and be correct.
Blind test a fun game.

Because exactitude is the key to this very amusing game. You and your team only have one shot. Because you have to find the artist name and the song’s title, and they have to be exact. This game obviously demands a great music knowledge. If you compete as a team, the purpose is to create a team where everyone has different tastes in music, in order to increase your chances of victory.

Perfect for team cohesion and communication

This game is therefore a great tool to improve communication within your team. People have to communicate very fast and in a few words, much like paintball actually. But of course the atmosphere is very different. Much more relax obviously, but this game remains a great stress reliever.
Power of music.

Why? Because of music. Music is the representation of feelings and sensations through sounds. Music transports us to our own happy place, right from the first notes. It makes us dance, dream, relax, or just simply feel better. It is one of the best things to help us go through a rough time, so why wouldn’t it help your staff improve their happiness in the office, their motivation to work, and their relationships within the company.
So, DJ, please turn on the music and let’s party!
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