If you are a fan of cuisine, this is your stop. Tired of always eating the same thing, this is your stop. Eager to impress your closed ones, this is your stop. Or even eager to learn, this is your stop. If you are a foodie, you should try a cooking class.

But how to find an interest for a cooking class as a team building activity when you are a company? The truth is that managing a restaurant requires a lot of organization. The place where you find the second strictest hierarchy after the military is in a kitchen of a restaurant. Everyone has its function, and their actions are monitored and timed. A cooking class is therefore a good place to learn organization and teamwork. But of course this cooking class is not about preparing food for 100 people. The purpose is to learn a new recipe, new cooking technics, or both, in a relaxing environment.

A chef will be here to guide throughout the entire preparation of the dish, and will help you in case you are unsure of what you are doing. He will also tell the little secrets that transform a regular dish into a masterpiece. A chef d’oeuvre as they say in France. The type of things that will make your closed ones ask you how to cook what you cooked for them.

If your interested in