Origin of aroma guessing

Aromas in Thailand are super important. From the smells of the street, the street food, the markets to the smells that they love to put inside of the perfumes, smell in Thailand is a big part of the Thai culture. There is a lot of classical smells in Thailand: Jasmin, Tiare flower, the smell of food and spices… You will have to guess everything! This is aroma guessing let’s be ready!

How aroma guessing work?

Next this aroma guessing activity in Bangkok is a super funny and cultural one. For this team-building activity, we will give to the teams many different perfumes that are some classics of what you can smell in Thailand. All of the teams will have the same perfumes and the members of the team-building will have to guess as close as possible what is corresponding to the smell.

All of the teams will have to smell the aroma in order to find together what this is. Furthermore, during this team-building activity in Bangkok, you will have to cooperate to guess everything, this is super bounding activity! You will know better about each other. This Team-building activity doesn’t require any physical effort, this is designed for every of your colleagues. As a result the winner team will be team that has guessed the best the aromas presented.

Good for your team building?

In conclusion, it is simple, fun and allows co-workers to spend a nice time together. Also, it could be the occasion to learn how to choose a perfume or to figure out if the wine you are having is a good one before even tasting it. So, take a deep breath and let’s do this! So yes, it’s a good choice for your team building! Lastly this Team-building activity can be one between some others. We will organize for you a set of activities with many cultural activities such as this one.

In any case, our professional team will guide you in Bangkok if some transportation are needed or even during the different activities that your package is containing. You can choose the activities that you like the most in order to make your package as personal as possible.

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