During this activity of Team Building in Bangkok, you and your colleagues will be separated in teams. The main goal is to draw something that is as close as possible from the original picture shown by the Team Building Bangkok Crew.

During the corporate event activity, we are giving you some pictures of traditional landscapes, activities or food od Thailand. This is an original way to discover a bit of our wonderful country.

The corporate event in Bangkok is going to be realized indoor, with one white board per teams.

The first step is to show to one person of each team the same image. Then the entire team will have to mime the image with only the instruction of the one which has seen it. The drawer will have to draw what his team is mimicking. This is often really funny because the pictures are representing many different things of Thailand.

This is one of our most bounding-activity. This team-building pushes the team to cooperate in a funny environment. They have to be really coordinated in the moves that they are doing. This corporate event will allow your team to know each other better.

We will judge how the drawings are similar to the original picture and select a winner among the teams. During this team-building activity, we will deal with three pictures this way, and select a winner regarding which team has won for which picture.

If you are doing a one-day Team-building, we can do an exposition of your drawings, such as an art exposition. You can comment your art with your team and the rest of the group. This is a really great moment of share. We can also create a gala dinner for your corporate event, and give an award to the winner during the dinner.