The Thai flower bracelet or “Phuang Malai” in Thai is a traditional Thai garland. If you go to Thailand, you will see some of them everywhere for sure! These are the traditional gifts to Buddha when Buddhist people are going to the temple or even for pray. They are also using it as a luck item, this is something really traditional and important in the Thai culture.

This team-building is a relaxing one, to release the tensions of the office.

During this corporate event in Bangkok, you will share together a calm moment inside of a beautiful park, and of course, learn how to make a flower bracelet with our professional teacher.

Our Team-Building activity will take place in two steps. During the first step, you will sit around our teacher, and she will show you the technic of creating the Thai flower bracelet, be careful about what she is doing, this will be your turn soon!

The second step of the Team-building is to create your very own flower bracelet. Everyone will have the necessary stuffs to do it. You will be able to choose the flowers and the colors that you like, to make a unique flower garland.

As a corporate event activity, making flower bracelet will allow your team to discover more deeply the Thai culture, but also take a moment together to share a creative activity that will, for sure, allow your team to discuss and share together.

If you are doing a one-day team building, we will be happy to bring you to a really beautiful temple of Bangkok, so that you can offer your flowers bracelet to Buddha and experience the real Thai culture. This experience is unique and will allow your team to come back full of memories from this Team-building in Bangkok.