For those who would like a like bit of sport during their Team-building, we are proposing you a great Takraw initiation. For those who don’t know, Tepak Takraw is a really famous sport in Thailand and more generally in the south east Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia. The world Takraw means “ball” in English. There are many ways to write it in English: Takraw, Taklaw, Kataw (more in Laos for this one). Since this is a Thai world translated, this can explain the different ways to write it. Thailand is the champion of the world, but what is exactly this sport? Takraw is a kind of Volley-ball, but to play you have to use your feet, knees, shoulders but also your head.

As a Team-building in Bangkok, we will start by giving you an impressive show done by two professional players of Takraw in Thailand. This is a really nice moment because there is not a lot of people who has already saw a real game in direct.

When the show is finished, the teambuilding will continue by a super fun initiation with our professional players. We will split your group in teams and teach them how to play Takraw, through a multitude of fun and exciting challenges. As a corporate event, this is a sharing moment, fun, and this is a perfect team-bonding activity in Bangkok for Thai sport culture lovers.

To finish this super team-building, we will play a match to determine the winners, with a nice little award for the winning team. You will come back to your office with a lot of new and good memories from Bangkok.

If you have chosen to do a one-day teambuilding in Bangkok, this is a super opportunity to give the award to the winners of the match during the gala dinner, such as a little ceremony. This is a great way to finish your day of corporate event in Bangkok.