Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is the traditional Boxing technic in Thailand. We can also call this discipline the “art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the utilization of fists, elbows, knees and shins. As a Teambuilding in Bangkok this is a great idea to learn something with your colleagues and what a better place than Bangkok to learn this typical technic of Thai boxing?

During this corporate event in Bangkok will begin first by a professional show of Thai Boxing, this is really impressive and a super show to divert everybody at the beginning of the Team-building. 

After that, you will be divided into teams with one instructor for each. During this special day in Thailand, you will learn many things with us, such as the punching, the kicking, to pick the pins, the classic sparing and the blindfold sparing. This Thai Boxing teambuilding will allow everybody to release all of the tensions of the office in a relax and fun environment. Your employees will take time to discuss, and everybody will learn at the same time. This corporate event in Bangkok is a good way to remove the hierarchical barriers. It can improve the relationships between employees since they are spending time together doing a really fun activity.

To finish your Teambuilding in Bangkok, at the end of the session, we will do a Thai Boxing show, together, in order to show to everybody what you have learnt in this particular day in Thailand. A great sharing moment for everybody that is attending the corporate event.

If you are doing a one-day Team-building in Thailand, we can give you the final professional show at the gala dinner, as the final show during the dinner. This kind of Corporate event in Bangkok is made for everybody, and this is a relaxing day with a little bit of sport! The event can take place indoor or outdoor, indeed we can organize it with every weather. This fun Thai boxing event is totally adaptable to what you want and your own idea of the Team-building.