The Thai way of cooking is recognized all around the world. Tasty food, colorful dishes, original ingredients, these recipes are made for the food lover and adventurers.

This team-building is made for everybody, with cooking skills or not. Realizing a corporate event in Bangkok by trying to coordinate your team in order to cook a typical Thai dish is the perfect way to bound your team and make them know better each other.

The first step of the team-building will be to bring you to a professional cooking place in Bangkok, in order to be in the best disposition to learn how to cook the Thai dish with our professional chef.

For this Team-building in Bangkok, you will have to split the group by yourself and give to everybody a role, so that you will be as efficient as possible, depending on the skills of everybody. By giving some precise instructions, the group will be coordinated and really efficient. This is a super way to work together in harmony, without the pressure of the office and the hierarchy, this is one of our most bounding team-building. 

During this Team-building in Bangkok, our professional Thai cookers will be happy to give you their advices to be really efficient in cooking, but also their little secrets of cooking. You will come back home with new recipes, and new cooking skills.

The last part of this corporate event in Bangkok will be the tasting part of what you’ve realized. You will share together a great moment of tasting, a nice way to finish your team-building activity.

If you have chosen a one-day team-building, we offer you to taste what you’ve done during a gala dinner, again this is a great way to share together a dinner with what you have commonly done! We are sure that you will enjoy your Team-building in Bangkok with this activity!