Thai Dancing is a really complicated and technical kind of dance. The moves should be gracious, slow and really well times in order to keep the harmony of this traditional dance of Thailand. Learn with fun and professional Thai dancers We are giving you the opportunity today to learn Thai Dancing with us, in the context of a Team Building. Our Thai dancing is taking place in the wonderful city of Bangkok. Furthermore were our professional Thai Dancers are giving shows and are still representing the traditional culture of Thailand. In which environment you do Thai dancing? Secondly Thai dancing will take place in a park, in order to have a beautiful and relaxing environment, and to be in the best conditions to learn the first moves of Thai dance. At the beginning of Thai dancing, our professional Thai dancers will teach you the basic moves. Indeed they will give you some tips to fit perfectly to the spirit of this particular dance. How the activity takes place? The second step of this team building in Bangkok is the training by teams. We will split you into small groups, in order to practice together and to learn as much as possible from the others. This cultural corporate event is a great way to bound the teams and to make everybody share an activity together, without the pressure of the work space. Everybody will be at the same level, to learn the same thing. We believe that your team will learn a lot about the others and feel good in this super relaxing environment. Thai dancing is good for team building? Finally, in this Team Building in Bangkok, you will select the best dancer of the different groups and they will do a battle of dance. The judges will be the teachers. They will select a winner between the corporate event’s participants. This winner will win a price, in order to remember this day of funny Team building with us. In conclusion from this experience, motivation, productivity, communication will be improved. And stress will be reduced as well. So, yes is recommended for team building and even . If you want to do a one-day Team building in Bangkok, we can organize a gala dinner at the end. We will do the award ceremony during the dinner, but also a little show about what you’ve learnt today.We hope that we will see soon your talent in Thai dancing during your very own corporate event in Bangkok! If you are interested in cultural exploration try – Making Flower braclet for your team building or have fun with your friend