Stress can have several causes inside a company: the workload is the main of course, deadlines, pressure from above … But one of them is the atmosphere inside the office. And one of the things than can damage a good atmosphere is gossiping. An employee might think he or she is appreciated by the rest of the group, but in reality it is not the case.

Another issue that can occur in the work place is the fact that people are sometimes holding information about their private life, which is normal, but sometimes some of these information are damaging their performances. They do not open up, and the management take the counter-performance of the employee as a lack of skills, when the problem come from elsewhere.

Talking about these issues can be difficult for everyone, and the first step has to be made in a safe environment, when people want and feel the need to open up. The Mentalist Show is one of these occasions.

Why can it be used as such an occasion, to improve the communication inside the company in order to decrease stress? The Mentalist will go from person to person, and using an object he will discover the little secrets of your employees. The first part of the show can be considered as intrusive for the employees. That is why the show has also some magic tricks included, to make the pauses needed. The advantage of this exercise will be that your employees will understand that you can talk with your colleagues about things that are not going well in their life (divorce, death of a closed one, financial issues and deceases). That will show that the work place can act as a support for your employees.

Besides this advantage, the show is as we said a magic show, so it will be an opportunity to see something that fascinates us all, an universe that we have trouble to understand. Which is a great opportunity to forget for a while the problems of the office, and enjoy a quality time together!