The mind is something that has gone through the ages as one of the most fascinating subjects to study. But the study of the mind, and by extension the study of the brain requires a lot of background. However there is a very simple way to scratch off the edge of the study of the mind, and it is called mind mapping.

Mind mapping is the written version of brainstorming. The purpose is start from a subject or a picture and tell what this subject or picture makes you think about. It is a marvelous way to solve problems, both professional and private. The purpose is to find all the things that can be connected to the subject or picture, one way or another.

As it seems to be quite serious, how can we turn it into a game? By introducing competition to it. Which team can find the most connections in the given time? Which team can find 20 connections is the least amount of time? Or we can split the people into groups of two, and one has a subject to examine and the other one takes notes. Then on the second subject or picture, the observer can try to guess what the other one would say.

This a very good way to understand how people think, if they are more rational/logical than irrational/creative, or the other way around. It helps us knowing who they can rely on for a particular task, which person thinks the same way you do, or just simply to know them better. It is a small activity than can be the transition between two more important or more demanding activities.