bicycle reparation

Bicycles are the most used mean of transportation in the world. This mean of transportation is especially used in developing countries, but also in some of the most advanced countries in the planet, such as the Netherlands or in Scandinavia. But between those two “worlds” the reasons to own and use a bike differ. The advanced countries choose the bikes because they want to protect the environment and want to do some sport. But in the other “world”, they use bikes because they do not really have a choice, as it is the only of transportation other than public transportation they can afford. These people sometimes cannot afford a new bike. A lot of people still ride antics, and some might not even be able to afford repairs on it.

Having a mean of transportation often means having a job. Or being able to go to school. And what is the best way to increase the wealth of a country and its society? Through education. A lot of children cannot go to school because it is too far from their home, because the public transportation system is failing them. If they do not own a bike, their future is compromised. All these kids ask is a little bit of help to allow them to educate themselves.

And you can give this help. All you have to do is once in a while repair a few bikes. Because for them, these bikes will change their life.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to build a strong team through charity, through something that matters. Your people will come out of this experiment stronger, and if ever you need to motivate them to do this activity, just tell them that they could be their children.