What is a Live band?

A live band is a concert in which a band, orchestra, singer or choir. The musical instruments are played with their own hands and the singer sings on the spot. No use is made of the previously recorded songs. Live performance requires more preparation and is therefore much more expensive than another performance. Are you looking for a live band for your team building event? Teambuildingbkk can organize live music for your team building event.

Why a live band?

Most people love a live band because you can combine it with a lot of things. The live band doesn’t have a specific genre, it depends on you to choose what you like. Everything is possible. Live music is also good in a restaurant because it gives the restaurant a good ambience. It’s also not expensive to attend a live band.

The most popular genres


Jazz music is a style of music influenced by West-African rhythm and originated in the Afro- American community of New Orleans. The word jazz means “very energetic dance”. There is no specific jazz musical instrument, many musical instruments are used in making jazz music. The most popular are banjo, bass guitar, double bass, saxophone, trumpet and piano. Jazz is one of the most popular live music, most people like to enjoy the live performance in a restaurant.  


Rhythm- and- blues is a music style influenced by jazz, gospel and blues. R&B is original from the united states and it is the most popular music genre today. During a live R&B performance, these instruments are most often used: bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano and saxophone.


Rock is often characterized by guitar, bass guitar, and drums. This is complemented by vocals and/or other instruments. Rock evolved from R&B and country music, it only became popular in the fifties.  Rock music is popular with all age groups and is usually performed live in bars.


blues is a music style that is often liked by the older generation. This genre originated from gospel and was created between 1860 and 1900. Unlike other music styles, blues can also be played without instruments, but the most popular instruments are bass guitar, drums and piano.

The live music performance will be about 30 – 180 min and you get to choose the genre that you like. The booking is for minimal 10 people and it can be in or outdoor.

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