Magic show & juggling is one of the oldest but also the funniest shows. This can be a great teambuilding event, this show will help you to relax and have fun with your co-workers. The show will last for about 20 – 60 min and it’s for ten-person or more. This event will be indoor.

What is a magic & juggling show?

 Juggling is a physical skill that is performed by a juggler, this is also called the manipulation of objects. Juggling is for recreation, entertainment and art. The most popular form is toss juggling. The fun thing about this is that it can be done with multiple objects. There is a lot of different kinds because juggling can be done with: two hands, one hand and even with feet’s. The objects that jugglers use is called props. The most common props are balls, clubs and rings. It’s also possible to use more dangerous props such as knives, fire torches and chainsaws.

Trick juggling

This kind of juggling involves tricks and varying levels. The jugglers will start with a few objects and add more each time.

Number of jugglers

 This is one of the most popular forms now a day, it’s performed by two or more people. One variation is where the two jugglers are facing each other and the other is where there they are back – to – back. This style of juggling is really exciting to watch because the chance that it can go wrong is higher with more jugglers.


Magic shows are really fun and exciting to watch because you will never understand what really happened on stage. There are different types of magic performances:

Stage illusion  

Is often performed for large audiences in theatres. This kind of magic is often done with a large scale of objects and exotic animals such as elephants, tigers and monkeys.

Parlour magic

The difference between this show and stage illusion is that the performer is at the same level as the audience.


The mentalist creates the impression in the minds of the audience and makes them believe that he has a special power. For example mind reading, control of the mind. This show can be presented on a stage or in before a small group of people.

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