Mentalist show is a performance which is focused on mind and imagination of people.  A mentalist show is performed by a mentalist to group of audience. Mentalist show is an amazing, fun and entertaining show which you should enjoy with your team if you want a memorable team activity. Teambuilding Bangkok invites you to share such an experience that will undoubtedly bring you unforgettable memories!

What is a mentalist?

A mentalist is a very special person he can: (sometimes) predict the future and guess many things that are hidden from him. He also knows psychology  and he is able to surprise even a very sophisticated and skeptical person. In the past, they were called “magicians”, but now there is another name for them: Mentalists. Bangkok is famous for its mentalist shows that are conducted very often in various halls and auditoriums all over the city.

Types of shows

There are different types of such shows. Mentalist show Thailand can be focused on one or two skill of the performer or can represent all range of his extraordinary (or even supernatural) abilities. But in any case, everyone can be sure: his emotions will go far beyond his own expectations, and memories about -this show will become unforgettable.

Teambuilding Bangkok can offer you a very specific experience: we can book you a VIP-ticket to mentalist show in the very heart of the marvelous capital of Thailand. But we can also do your corporate event or family party unforgettable by inviting there a mentalist as a part of the entertaining program. Elegant breeze of something mysterious (or even supernatural) is a very thing that we miss in our contemporary pragmatic world. Come to mentalist show Bangkok – and you will feel this breeze by yourself! Teambuilding Bangkok will help you to choose the best mentalist, who will give you a remarkable show.


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