What is Thai Boxing?

Thai boxing also called Muay Thai is an old martial art that has been practised for decades in Thailand. Thai boxing is not only popular in Thailand but all over the world. This sport is influenced by Krabi Krabong. The difference between these two sports is that Krabi Krabong uses weapons and Thai boxing only uses hands. This boxing may seem like a sport where everything is allowed but is actually the opposite. During the fight, the fighter is only allowed to use their feast, elbow, knee and legs. The Technique that they use is similar to one for boxing.

  This show will be great for a team-building event. Thai boxing is very exciting and impressive, so this will be a good opportunity to bind with your co-workers while watching a traditional Thai show. The show can be long or short it depends on you, if you prefer a long show there will be a few matches. The duration of every match is about 15 minutes. The match will take place indoor and with at least 10 participants. Team building Bangkok can organize this event for you and you can customize it as much as you want.

After the amazing Thai boxing show, you and your team can attend a gala dinner. This will be the best way to end your corporate event and a great way reward and get close to your team. This dinner offers a high-class evening experience. Team building bkk will organize a magical night for you and your team that you will remember. We will create this gala dinner up to your witches. There will be live music with a buffet. You get to choose the music that you like and it’s also possible to sing or dance with your co-workers.

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