Thai traditional dance plays an important role of national cultural heritage. Teambuilding Thailand offers you a unique opportunity to get to know more about Thai traditional dance. We are offering services which would give you a the breath-taking Thai traditional dance show experience and get to know Thailand’s national cultural heritage.

The origin of Thai dance

Thai classical dance was originated in the Kingdom of Siam more than 500 years ago and it is an ancient heritage. Back in those days, the art of dance meant more than aesthetical, as religious dimension was also involved in dance. Nowadays, religious connections of Thai traditional dance are not as well-known as earlier days, but mesmerizing art of dancing is still attracting millions of spectators in the Kingdom of Thailand as well as beyond.

Team building and Thai dancing

If you are looking for a fancy creative way to strengthen the bonding of your organization, Thai Dancing is the perfect option for you. Enjoy the breath-taking cultural Thai classical dance of beautiful Thai dancers while enjoying the delicious feast. This Thai classical dance show will give a common ground to start friendly conversations about art and cultural to the team members of your organization. The bond created by art is the most beautiful and special bond you can ever have. The four types of Thai classical dances: Khon, Li-Khe, Ram Wong, and Lakhon are the most famous thai classical dances and are highly recommended to watch if you want to know the Thai culture better.

If you want to see the best examples of Thai art of dance, come to Teambuilding Bangkok. We can offer you tickets to the best dance performances all over the country or invite a Thai dancer to your event!


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